Data Fitting

Research Period:

Second semester of my Freshman year. The research takes around 1 month.

Research Content:

I worked for professor Daimei Zhou an a paper that she was working on at that time. My main duty was to use Matlab graph fitting tool to fit the data from her lab in order to calculate the experimental value of two parameters in an equation that she proposed in the paper and see whether the theoretical value agrees with the experimental value. I also listed the abnormal data points and made a plot for the abnormal fitting so that she can analyze them.


Fitting Result:

Fitting Result

Example of Abnormal points:

Example of Abnormal points


Due to the limitation of my knowledge at the time (being a freshman), I did not fully
understand the whole picture of the experiment. However, it is still an extremely
valuable experience for me, since I get the chance to be a part of a research for the first
Also, I learned how to use Matlab and Excel to do data analysis, which becomes really
useful in my future researches.